Service Description
E-mail E-mail account that you can use with any e-mail client (for example, with the Thunderbird).
Forum Forum for general discussion and event organization.
Chat We have our XMPP server, on which you can make an account. If you already have an account, you can find us at group
Git Gitea instance on which we host our code and resources (including the code for this site).
Wiki Wiki.js instance on which we publish documentation for our projects, events resources, and tutorials.
Nextcloud Nextcloud instance on which we organize tasks we need to do and use as calandar.
Search LibreX instance used for Web searching.
Pastebin PrivateBin instance we use for sharing text files
Soft Serve Soft Serve instance that we use as a replacement for the Gitea service. Soft Serve works entirely from the terminal.

These are some of the services we currently maintain on our servers. To use these services, you can register for each service separately, or you can create a unique account on our server and use all services with the same account.